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Book Announced, Site Update, and Site Checklist (11.20.2017)

Decided to post a quick update here. 

I've decided (for now) to use this site for new writing going forward. This will normally include something along the lines of humor, increasing awareness, and wild ranting. 

The name '' was created a very long time ago when I felt I was trapped in a system. Indeed I was. Times have somewhat changed, but I've decided to keep the throwback name for now. This site is very toned down and simple so it will do. I don't really feel like setting up a new site at the moment. Perhaps it's a combination of being lazy and 'this will do.' 

Further news: the draft of my first ever book (soon to be published) is complete. The name: Corporate Illusion to Egoic Nothingness.

We should be entering typeset phase within a week and the cover should be done by Wednesday... well if the cover artist doesn't get drunk and pass out (missing the cover finalization meeting). Even if he does, I mean can't argue with that?

The first half of the book was mostly wrote on this site long ago. When the project was announced the material was unpublished from this site since much of it is used for the first half. The second half takes place as I proceed to leave the corporate world and become a professoinal poker player. As the years progressed I soon equally hated poker (almost as much as corporate) and had plenty to say about daily existence. As the book progresses an increase in awareness unfolds (but the fun remains). If I had to summarize on why anyone would read the book it would go something along the lines of:

1) To provide humor. Especially to anyone who is in a job or even daily sitaution they do not like. 

2) An attempt to increase the awareness of the totality (if even fractionally).

I'm extremely grateful (and somewhat stunned) that the book was able to come together the way it did. It will be published through Empty City Press and availble in their store soon enough. 

In the back of my mind I've always somewhat been really turned off by the fact that I might have to somewhat market this (or do I) even if by word of mouth. I think the book is genuinely the best way I know how to share my gifts with the world. These gifts are mostly humor and an awareness that is increasing at an accelerated pace. 

I'm sure I will think of something. However, part of me knows I somewhat have a duty to actually give this book a chance to be seen. I'm marketing illiterate for sure (but maybe that's not such a bad thing). Maybe I needed to be that way to complete anything of slight importance at all. 

Either way I will begin thinking of ways to get the word out. Also since the project is complete for the most part I'm free to start writing new entries here again. Today I found myself writing a 4 page narrative after gazing outside into the forest. So I will aim to put that up on the blog sometime this week. Whatever I put up here I will never again consider it 'set in stone.' It will be a working draft that I can constantly modify and change whenever I feel like. for me writing a piece seems to come down to four phases:

1) (Raw Draft Phase) Rational brain dump with slight humor

2) (Revised Draft Phase) Expanded and seperate creative section on the same piece. 

*** This is a good time to put the piece on the blog ***

3) Edit for working good copy. 

*** Space of anywhere from 3 days to a week where you don't look at the piece ***

4) Print out and read without any expectations. 

*** As you read at LEAST ONE THING MINIMUM should be improved. There is always one thing you can improve no matter how many times you proof a piece. ***

This format seems to somewhat work for me. It allowed me to produce some of the best pieces in the soon to be released book. 

Some brain-storm and targets for this blog:

*** Notice I like to use 'targets' as things that might be worthwhile. If you miss a target that is fine as while. You can always go ahead and sit under a tree in the forest or whatever. ***

[ ] 1) The Stunning Forest (Narrative - about 5 pages)

Will get this up here on the site as a stand alone piece once I have the revised copy complete

[ ] 2) Link to some sites that you are friends with and let them know you're writing again here. If they enjoyed it 7 years ago chances are they might want to stop by again. This is important for feedback, companionship, and probably some other reason I'm forgetting. 

[ ] 3) Link up to twitter using real name. 

This almost makes me want to puke thinking about it, but it probably makes sense to put up on Twitter and Facebook when I write something that is slightly above useless. And now I'm confident and don't care enough to finally use my real name here. The name doesn't really matter much anyway. It's just a series of sounds assigned to you by your blood-parents before birth. 

[ ] 4) Look for a writers group in person or online. This can be a good way to get feedback and connect with other people who write about nonsense.

[ ] 5) Instagram

Just kidding; fuck you instagram.

[ ] 6) Consider: when not working on a current new piece at least set a time each week where you sit down and write. There is always something to write about pretaining to the struggle that is human existence itself; which you are. 

[ ] 7) This site needs a section to directly link to books which I'm published in. There is one out already and a full one to be released in a month or so. 

[ ] 8) Consider hiring a development team to create a new site entirely. If you do this the time is now. Basically I had a development team hired out for an online company I was going to launch, but completely abandoned the project. Yet the team is still hired and already paid thousands. So the writing may be a logical spin-off. And eventually everything can be transferred over there. 

[ ] 9) LISTEN to the advice of the soon the be posted piece. It flowed from a place of inner essence while in touch with the flow of life. Don't just write about it and then stupidly do something that produces money yet anger for 20 hours this week for no reason. Greater responsibility to not do that bs.


-Michael Casalena  


Synchronicity Abundance (10/6/2016)

"Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see."

- Carl Jung


Fortunate to be back writing here! (8.3.2016)

I've committed to resuming this blog with the core purpose of writing for the purpose of entertaining, supporting others, while offering an under-current theme of societal change.

For about a decade I've been posting on and off on  For much of that time I was completely off the radar and connecting with a small private group.  Now represents a time where I am confident in using this as a platform to connect with others around the world.  Much of the work I 'used to post here' as I was trapped in corporate has been published and will be used in an upcoming manuscript which is a collaborative project with Empty City Press.

A 'preview' of the upcoming manuscript can be found in the anthology The Grey, Alley: Vol 1.  It has been out for some time now and can be purchased from Empty City press with shipping included for $14.00.

My work in this anthology is featured with my real name attached to it: Michael Casalena.  The anthology is filled with many much more established writers.  This collaborative project changed my life.  I was honored to even have my work featured alongside the massive talent that made up the entirety of this anthology.  

It was edited by Keith Backhaus who is a wizard of sorts to even be able to put something like this together.  

I will post details here as they become available with regards to the upcoming manuscript.  I am in 'go mode' and 90%+ complete.  That last 10% is always the hardest! 

Peace and positivity to the universe! 


Road Rage and Columbus (4/1/2015)

An unthinkable rage towards the average motorist in your local town or city may seem to flow naturally at times. They are simply an obstacle preventing you from accomplishing your daily errands, which you weren't thrilled about attempting in the first place.

However, you may find it awfully hard to feel anger towards your fellow motorist traveler when driving long distances on a highway. You find yourself respecting this type of human. He’s taking his own proud journey along side you; bravely navigating the endless stretches of pavement ahead. Your combined travels seem to have more of a meaning then that of the common ‘city dwelling’ motorist. You have the long-distance motorist’s back! If the Hells Angels began harassing that 1996 Buick up ahead to your right you would damn sure call for some help at a minimum. You are both traveling incredible distances for a justified cause. It is only makes sense that you would look out for each-other.

If you don’t think successfully traveling 180 miles in 3 hours is incredible I would argue that your species could very well have a somewhat selective short-term memory. 

Your journey really is a feat. Imagine the year is 1492 and you just barked at Christopher Columbus over a few beers: ‘I will successfully cover 180 miles of distance in 3 hours sometime next Tuesday.’

He would respond by immediately beating you with his bible. He would then steal all of your gold. Shortly after, he would kill most of your family members. But don’t worry it’s not personal, the foundations will be set in place for the next few generations of pale faced bastards to irrevocably ravage your lands that were wild and beautiful for the past 200 million years+

Rest assured, it won’t all be bad. Your descendants will have guns and horses introduced to their society. Enjoy the horses!

What is a horse you ask?

Well it’s a fast four legged herbivore mammal that’s about 3,000 pounds of pure muscle. Oh it also has a brain that is inexplicably the size of a single red gummy bear. You can train it to transport you places, but diaper-training is apparently beyond the neurological ‘pay-grade’ of a horse.

Also rest assured that the ghost-faced lineage of Columbus will ensure that no human on this continent will ever have to tangle with a wild buffalo again. The buffalo will become about as rare as a Minotaur in the wild after the next five hundred years or so. Why? Well buffalo tenderloin tastes good enough to drive this ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ species to the brink of extinction.