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Fortunate to be back writing here! (8.3.2016)

I've committed to resuming this blog with the core purpose of writing for the purpose of entertaining, supporting others, while offering an under-current theme of societal change.

For about a decade I've been posting on and off on  For much of that time I was completely off the radar and connecting with a small private group.  Now represents a time where I am confident in using this as a platform to connect with others around the world.  Much of the work I 'used to post here' as I was trapped in corporate has been published and will be used in an upcoming manuscript which is a collaborative project with Empty City Press.

A 'preview' of the upcoming manuscript can be found in the anthology The Grey, Alley: Vol 1.  It has been out for some time now and can be purchased from Empty City press with shipping included for $14.00.

My work in this anthology is featured with my real name attached to it: Michael Casalena.  The anthology is filled with many much more established writers.  This collaborative project changed my life.  I was honored to even have my work featured alongside the massive talent that made up the entirety of this anthology.  

It was edited by Keith Backhaus who is a wizard of sorts to even be able to put something like this together.  

I will post details here as they become available with regards to the upcoming manuscript.  I am in 'go mode' and 90%+ complete.  That last 10% is always the hardest! 

Peace and positivity to the universe! 

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