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Discussing Addiction and Victim Mentality (8.18.2016)

There is an important thing I wanted to stress to the victim: You are not your father; you are not your mother. 

You are not your father.

You are not your mother.

You are your own person.  Every individual on Earth who is living, has died, or will be born will be unique with an invidual make up that will never be seen again in any universe.

When I realized this it personally changed my perspective for the better; for my growth as an indvidual striving to align closer to my core purposes as a man.

I wish someone tried to pound this into my head at a young age.

Today I wanted to discuss victim mentality which seems to be prevelant in every 'drug addict' I have ever met...

A profound percentage of drug addicts have a 'victim mentality'.  In the book Mans Search for Meaning Viktor Frankly notes that over 95% of addicts of any kind identified with a victim mentality.  He found this to be the key 'attribute' that kept them an 'addict' and I couldn't agree more.  Furthermore, he argued passionately that installing a sense of meaning in one's life will defeat the victim mentality and free the individual; allowing them to choose life, productive and abundance over death.  However, the individual has to WANT TO SEE this new meaning or purpose. 

I firmly believe it is foolish to see addiction as anything other then a 95% environmental problem.  

Addiction is an environmental problem; yet we as a society treat it as a 95% genetic one as big-pharma has us eternally brain-washed to approach in this manner.  Meanwhile, all addicts are senselessly pushed through a system pretending to 'cure all' in the name of a fatally flawed genetic approach.  

Again and again we have backed the 'genetic approach' as a society.  This is clearly shown with 'The human genone project' which is perhaps the biggest failure in human history from a raw 'invested resources' stand-point.  The project is on life support and will soon be looked at as the largest funded project to have ever failed on such a massive scale.

IF there is one thing we can learn from this project it is perhaps that most issues aren't meant to be 'boxed into' a genetic approach.  Rather everything is changing; everything is fluid.   Fish isolated in caves their entire lives become blind.  Just like humans trapped in a toxic environemnt with only toxic influences their entire lives become addicts.  Just like if you shot a flame-thrower at a tree it would yeah... probably light on fire.   

If you are an addict you can begin cracking the foundations of your deep rooted victim mentality despite the fact that your dad is a victim, your mom is a victim, your friends are victims, and your enivornment offers no help as it has been posionous since your birth and will always remain so.

Addiction is an environmental problem; not a genetic one.  

Yet all addicts are stupidly pushed through a system treated from a fatally flawed genetic approach. The government and big pharma only want to max profits and keep people slightly less sick, but still trapped while generating revenue.

Meet Methadone for heroin addiction!  

How would you even construct an argument that Methadone is an effective way to stop people from relapsing and using Heroin?  That would be like putting out a forest fire buying gallons of water and throwing them from a helicopter (plastic and all)... only there's a catch... WE OWN THE WATER BOTTLES, we have the only water bottles to use, and they cost $10 per gallon!

And 95% of our society seems to be living in an illusion produced by big pharma and capitalistic machine that has become our society. That machine continues to infect it's citizens. The citizens then pass the same flawed logic to their offspring as the machine continues to dance it's dance of destruction.

The addicts are 'victims' because they are declared to be so by every influence they're bought into into 'since birth until now'. Their environment itself is toxic; there is no help there.

Their society and social support systems have failed them; it is the root of the evil. The high rise of capitalism in the west has proven fatal for most individuals. We live in an age where the individual must defy all odds to avoid being sentenanced to a life of mediocrity and saddness.  

We live in an age where the machine is at 24/7 never ending war to senselessly sacrifice 'the individual' for the 'greater good' of human progress. Or the greater good of the 'machines' progress. The only way to beat the system is to 'be your own system'. You can even bring along some family members, pals, and your pet iguana!

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