Scientific Proof that Addiction is Stress Through Awareness of others (8/25/2016)

As a human being the highest form of knowledge I've attained was through percise understanding of others; no matter how seemingly 'different' they are from you.

If you trust them you will understand them.  If their words are pure and they are not lying you will suddenly see truths hit you like an avalanch if you learn self-awaraness; before leaping over to actualy true awareness of others on a subconsious level.

It is the most liberating experience I have ever felt. 

I figured it out: stress is addiction.

AS in stress produces the addiction itself.  To defeat addiction you eliminate stress by picking off each 'stressor' in life like a sniper. 

every source of massive stress must be taken out with a sniper rifle.  As you do this you will also notice metabolism naturally restore.  AT this point a 'former addict' will actually appear to be 'more attractive'.  Their muscles will tone, their skin will clear, wrinkles will lighten or vanish; confidence will return to normal. 

Tonight I realized when walking with an 'addict' friend that stress is in fact the real demon of the current age.

When one is stressed it creates and even fuels all sorts of serious problems like a wild-fire.  The most serious result of a wild-fire that I have come face to face with is heroin addiction itself.

Yet an addiction treated by breaking the stress of the environment itself with proper supplementation of pregnenalone, nicinamide, aspirin will cure the 'disease'.  The final blow to addiction is adding purpose to ones life and obliterating any sense of victim mentality.

 If you really want to end addiction it can really help to be in true love with someone both sexually and mentally.  This will melt stressors away and an 'addict' will suddenly find themselves 'barely using heroin' and having sex for days straight; this is love.  

Supplement pregnenalone, nicinamidde and aspirin at proper dosage daily.  this is step 1.

Step 2)

Unconditional love in this case.  But the love has to be mutual.  If your mom loves you it doesn't matter because a childs love for their parent isn't unconditional, but a parents for their childrens always is.  This is wired in at a subconsious level.

Step 3)  

Take out major stressors with a sniper rifle.

Any recoccuring massive dramas: in this case a stalker ex isn't helping.

Step 4)

Improve the life-style.

If you like the beach nothing is more theraputic.  In addition, experience new things and have something to look forward too.

Step 5)

In this case purpose in work defeating the victim mentality through ACTION ... MASSIVE ACTION... you will have to drag them 'kicking and screaming' at first until you re-wire their brain through action.

Becasue the human brain is lazy; it will always take the path of least resistance that produces seemingly the most 'short term comfort'.

You can drag someone who loves you out of this bull-shit victim mentality by walking them through it in a loving way at first.  It's not dragging them; you simply re-wire the brain with love as the motivator... at first... until the work itself replaces love. .. or maybe love wins? 


Discussing the Victim Mentality (8.18.2016)

There is an important thing I wanted to stress to the victim: You are not your father; you are not your mother. 

You are not your father.

You are not your mother.

You are your own person.  Every individual on Earth who is living, has died, or will be born will be unique with an invidual make up that will never be seen again in any universe.

When I realized this it personally changed my perspective for the better; for my growth as an indvidual striving to align closer to my core purposes as a man.

I wish someone tried to pound this into my head at a young age.

(change later and edit/add.. just starting thoughts...) A profound percentage of drug addicts have a 'victim mentality'.  In mans search for meanign Viktor Frankly notes that over 95% of addicts of any kind identified with a victim mentality to was the key identifier keeping them an 'addict'.  It was arguing that installing a sense of meaning in one's life will defeat the victim mentality and free the individual; allowing them to choose life, productive and abundance over death.

I firmly believe it is foolish to see addiction as anything other then an environmental problem.  

Addiction is an environmental problem; not a genetic one.  Yet all addicts are stupidly upshed through a system pretending to 'treat' from the fatally flawed genetic approach.  The human genone project was perhaps the biggest failure in human history from a raw 'invested resources' stand-point.  Look it up; it's over.  Stop pretending everything can be 'boxed into' a genetic issue.  Everything is changing; everything is fluid.   Fish isolated in caves their entire lives become blind.  Just like humans trapped in a toxic environemnt with only toxic influences their entire lives become addicts.  Just like if you shot a flame-thrower at a tree it would yeah... probably light on fire. 

You can begin cracking the foundations of your deep rooted victim mentality despite the fact that your dad is a victim, your mom is a victim, your friends are victims, and your enivornment offers no help as it has been posionous since your birth and will always remain so.

Addiction is an environmental problem; not a genetic one.  

Yet all addicts are stupidly pushed through a system treated from a wrong genetic approach. The government and big pharma only want to max profits and keep people slightly less sick, but still trapped.

Meet Methadone.  How would you even construct an argument that Methadone is an effective way to stop people from relapsing and using Heroin?  That would be like putting out a forest fire buying gallons of water and throwing them from a helicopter (plastic and all)... only there's a catch... WE OWN THE WTAER BOTTLES!

And 99% of our society is brain-washed by the big pharma and capitalistic machine society. That machine then infects it's citizens. The citizens then pass the same flawed logic to their offspring as the machine continues to dance it's dance of destruction.

The addicts are 'victims' because they are declared to be so by every influence they're bought into into 'since birth until now'. Their environment itself is toxic; so there is no help there.

The capitalistic system has failed them; it is the root of the evil. The high rise of capitalism in the west has proven fatal for the individual. We live in an age where the individual must defy all odds to avoid being consumed by the capitalistic machine.

We live in an age where the machine is at 24/7 never ending war to senselessly sacrifice 'the individual' for the 'greater good' of human progress. Or the greater good of the 'machines' progress. The only way to beat the system is to 'be your own system'. You can even bring along some family members, pals, and your pet iguana!


Will be back to writing on here (8.3.2016)

I think I'm ready to resume this blog and write publicly about pure nonsense for personal awareness, entertain friends, and maybe even off someone moral support.



Road Rage and Columbus (4/1/2015)

An unthinkable rage towards the average motorist in your local town or city may seem to flow naturally at times. They are simply an obstacle preventing you from accomplishing your daily errands, which you weren't thrilled about attempting in the first place.

However, you may find it awfully hard to feel anger towards your fellow motorist traveler when driving long distances on a highway. You find yourself respecting this type of human. He’s taking his own proud journey along side you; bravely navigating the endless stretches of pavement ahead. Your combined travels seem to have more of a meaning then that of the common ‘city dwelling’ motorist. You have the long-distance motorist’s back! If the Hells Angels began harassing that 1996 Buick up ahead to your right you would damn sure call for some help at a minimum. You are both traveling incredible distances for a justified cause. It is only makes sense that you would look out for each-other.

If you don’t think successfully traveling 180 miles in 3 hours is incredible I would argue that your species could very well have a somewhat selective short-term memory. 

Your journey really is a feat. Imagine the year is 1492 and you just barked at Christopher Columbus over a few beers: ‘I will successfully cover 180 miles of distance in 3 hours sometime next Tuesday.’

He would respond by immediately beating you with his bible. He would then steal all of your gold. Shortly after, he would kill most of your family members. But don’t worry it’s not personal, the foundations will be set in place for the next few generations of pale faced bastards to irrevocably ravage your lands that were wild and beautiful for the past 200 million years+

Rest assured, it won’t all be bad. Your descendants will have guns and horses introduced to their society. Enjoy the horses!

What is a horse you ask?

Well it’s a fast four legged herbivore mammal that’s about 3,000 pounds of pure muscle. Oh it also has a brain that is inexplicably the size of a single red gummy bear. You can train it to transport you places, but diaper-training is apparently beyond the neurological ‘pay-grade’ of a horse.

Also rest assured that the ghost-faced lineage of Columbus will ensure that no human on this continent will ever have to tangle with a wild buffalo again. The buffalo will become about as rare as a Minotaur in the wild after the next five hundred years or so. Why? Well buffalo tenderloin tastes good enough to drive this ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ species to the brink of extinction.